Real Option is a form of insurance.  In software, it is a bet against BAD decisions made early in a project.

As with all insurance, there is a premium to be paid. For example, it costs more when two teams explore two different approaches in parallel.

With real options, money is spent now instead of time spent later to flush out the “Unknown Unknowns”. This is the phase of discovery upon which your grand architecture rests.

Salesforce caters to an ecosystem where upfront discovery and experiments cost very little. Unfortunately… everything else remains expensive.  Key to success is your ability to transition your chosen experiment to life in production and beyond:

Does your experiment of choice :

  • Draw a clear line to underlying requirements
  • Establish ownership so that issues are quickly resolved
  • Surface which logic runs when and why
  • Standardize on portability between environments
  • Allow recovery from errors without breaking everyday functionality

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Last modified: 19th October 2020