We’ve all built reports to identify records that support some business process.

Often we want to do something with those records from the report – for example,  let’s walk through how to stream a report (on a row-by-row basis) into a Flow.

  1. Create a new Saga called Report to Flow
  2. ​Add a new step by selecting Report Runner Service
  3. Configure the step by entering the Developer Name of the report
  4. Add another step by selecting Flow Service
  5. Configure the step by entering the the Developer Name of the flow

Video: stream Reports into Flow

Now the saga runs the report, then sends every row into Flow in a separate execution context. The report columns bind to the input variables of the flow.

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Last modified: 4th August 2019


David Cheng 

Very interesting! This is not subject to the 2000-record display limit on reports, correct?

    Thanks. AFAIK the reports REST API is subject to the same 2000-record limit as the GUI.