I want to take you back to 1870 and the original Sankey diagram published by Charles Minard:

It depicts Napoleon’s disastrous march during the Russian Campaign. Add colour and you have a slice of history that must have been incredibly useful and groundbreaking during the late 1800s

Today, we have limitless access to data and this creates a predicament. How do we usefully surface all that information on two axes to better understand the world around us?

If a picture tells a thousand words … an animation tells a thousand more.

This class of diagram shows the ebb and flow of your business. Where exactly are business processes delivering value? Where are the failures and hold ups?

Streams uses this visualization to show real-time service metrics. Hovering over any path shows its throughput rates and failures. Now devs and admins can manage by exception.

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Last modified: 4th August 2019